March 26, 2016

3 Things on Locky Randomware Removal (Alternative File Recovery Approach)

Recently, the ransomware Locky has been gaining media attention in Hong Kong. As I was asked for advice by an junior engineer, I have come up with these 3 things for him to deal with Locky in an enterprise where infection was reported, most notably #3 File recovery, which details an alternative approach of restoring shadow copies deleted by malware using Recuva and then recovering the files from shadow copies, since backup may not always be available.
  1. Identifying how many users’ PCs are infected
  2. Disinfecting malware from PCs
  3. File recovery
Read on for the details in each of the steps.
Studying Image courtesy of Jamie

April 10, 2011

分享一些雲端輸入法書籤程式(Bookmarklet )

(This legacy article is Chinese-only. Translate it to English.)

什麼是雲端輸入法?重灌狂人這篇文章「Google 推出免安裝的雲端輸入法(支援23國語言)」曾經介紹過,所以不重複了。這篇只簡單補充一點文章沒有的 bookmarklet(書籤程式),做個備份。包括廣東話拼音、倉頡、速成和普通話拼音網上輸入法。共分開三個類別:

一. 雲端技術輸入法  二. 傳統網上輸入法  三. 另類網上中文輸入方式
input method bookmarklet

April 3, 2011

AeroZoom 2.0 Official Download Is Out!

A full introduction hopefully will come soon. For now, enjoy some screen shots (taken from the beta version) and a readme. (Skip to version 2 features) You may download it now on AeroZoom's page.


March 30, 2011

十個 Google Chrome Scratchpad 實用技巧

(A native English version of this article is available here)

承接上文「推薦 Google Chrome Scratchpad——革命性的記事本軟件」,接下來將介紹 10 個人最愛的 Scratchpad 技巧,它們包括 Scratchpad 用家常問的問題:保持置頂、儲存筆記爲本機檔案作更佳打印、從開始選單和 Chrome 的萬用搜索列搜索全部筆記等等。爲了突出 Scratchpad 支援多種平台的優勢,除了 Windows 亦特別的以 Ubuntu 做例展示適用於 Linux 的做法。Let's go!

1. 從書籤列運行——以滑鼠存取藏在瀏覽器的功能

有時候從書籤列(Bookmarks Bar)執行 Scratchpad 會更直接方便,因爲比由新分頁的應用程式選單執行少一個步驟。更重要的是這方式會帶來另一種使用體驗——能夠存取 Chrome 瀏覽器上的各種功能。(另外,對於 Chrome OS 用家,還有「脫離面板」的效果。)


10 Tips for Utilizing Scratchpad of Google Chrome


As mentioned in the last post "Google Chrome's Scratchpad — the Revolutionary Notepad", this sequel will cover 10 personal Scratchpad tips I find really useful. They answer questions many Scratchpad users ask, such as making Scratchpad always on top, saving notes as local files or better printing, searching all notes from Chrome's omnibar or Start Menu, etc. To emphasize the fact that Scratchpad supports multiple platforms, besides Windows, there will also be demonstration using Ubuntu. Let's go!

1. Run Scratchpad from Bookmarks Bar

Sometimes it's handy to run Scratchpad from Bookmarks Bar rather than launching it from the app screen (which requires one more step). That way we can also experience a new way of using the app — a bigger screen and 'panel-less effect' (for Chrome OS). Most important, the Chrome menu is accessible:

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