AeroZoom Turns Windows Magnifier into a Presentation Mouse

AeroZoom, poor man's presentation mouse
AeroZoom v1.7
AeroZoom panel, called by mouse

AeroZoom is an AutoHotKey program that enhances upon the Magnifier in Windows to turn any mouse into a presentation mouse, where zooming in/out and moving around becomes a breeze without a keyboard.

[2018-02-17] Update:A new article covering features of newer versions is available here, or skip to download section here.

Note: This article only covers the original AeroZoom version 1.

List of Features

  1. Binding keyboard controls commonly used in a presentation to mouse buttons and 'AeroZoom panel' buttons (on the right).
  2. Zooming in/out or reset any time without a keyboard; handle more operations with one hand.
  3. AeroZoom panel is made of large buttons designed to quickly toggle sub-magnifier settings (It only needs 1 click while Magnifier needs 3 for those settings.) or to add more functionalities. Upon calling by mouse buttons, it pops up where the cursor is, without the need to locate the Magnifier window minimized in taskbar.
  4. [Show], [Kill] and [Reset] buttons restore a hidden Magnifier, stop the magnifier process and apply default settings; [Draw], [Type] and [Calc] buttons run Snipping Tool, WordPad and Calculator respectively.
  5. Comes with an alternative executable for lefthanders.
  6. Portable. Writes per-user settings to registry.
  7. Free. Written with AutoHotKey.
  8. Works better with a wireless mouse.
  9. Fast and smooth thanks to Microsoft having greatly improved its Magnifier since Windows 7.
    (Being an enhancement to the new Magnifier, it requires a system newer than XP and Vista)


Components illustrated: AeroZoom v1.0 and Windows Magnifier

AeroZoom binds common keyboard controls to these mouse buttons. (Lefthanders may run the Lefthanded version and reverse [Left] with [Right] and vice versa)

Function Mouse Keyboard
AeroZoom panel [Left] & [Right]  
Show magnifier [Left] & [Wheel-up] [WinKey] & [+]
Reset zoom [Left] & [Middle]  
Zoom in zoom-in [Left] & [Wheel-up] [WinKey] & [+]
Zoom out zoom-out [Left] & [Wheel-down] [WinKey] & [-]

So How to Use It?

Basically, just run AeroZoom.exe (or .ahk if you have AutoHotKey installed), and try zooming with [Left]+[Wheel-up/down] mouse buttons, reset zoom with [Left]+[Middle] buttons. (The latter is an added function which the original Magnifier does not offer.) Then, when more functions are needed, call the AeroZoom panel with [Left]+[Right] buttons.

Usage and Tips

With AeroZoom, this is no longer a total disaster.
  1. If I suddenly want to change a setting in Magnifier, such as to make it follow keyboard inputs automatically. Instead of finding the Magnifier window that may be hidden deep in the taskbar, I can simply launch the AeroZoom panel by mouse buttons [Left]+[Right] and click on the big 'Keyboard' button to toggle the setting.

    If I've messed up any settings, e.g. screen color is inverted, as well as locked and zoomed in, I want to correct it but sadly, Magnifier is minimized and out of sight. What I'll do is launch the panel quickly by mouse buttons [Left]+[Right] which always follows my cursor so that I can fix the settings there.

    When in emergency, click the 'Kill' button there to shut down Magnifier or 'Reset' button to restore default settings and zoom level.

    Even more quickly, click [Left]+[Middle] to reset zoom immediately even without the panel, although it doesn't restore other settings.

  2. windows-7-magnifier
    Button 'Show' reveals the Magnifier where modes can be changed.
  3. 'Show' button on the AeroZoom panel can also be used to restore a Magnifier minimized in the taskbar as well as starting it.

    The fastest way however to start Magnifier is just to wheel up.

    Be careful though if you wheel up too far, "Ease of Access Center" may be brought up accidentally. The trick is not to wheel up too far at the start. (You can wheel however you want to zoom in/out later after starting.)

  4. Draw in AeroZoom with Win 7 Snipping Tool
    [Draw] with the new Snipping Tool
  5. If drawing on screen is desired, click [Draw] which launches Snipping Tool Windows where users can take a picture of the screen and draw on it (Please view the video demo below at 1:20). Similarly, click [Type] to launch Wordpad (where pictures from Snipping Tool can be pasted too); click [Calc] to launch Calculator.

  6. There are times when AeroZoom's mouse button mapping causes inconvenience with your application. To solve this, there's no need to exit AeroZoom; just click the [off] button on the lower left corner of the panel to temporarily pause the mapping. To resume, click it again.

    To minimize AeroZoom to tray, simply close it or click [hide] button on the panel; to exit, click [quit].

  7. Besides presentations, another usage is capturing screen videos for tutorial purpose. Where normally you'd need a lot of work with professional video editors such as Adobe Premiere to zoom in. With AeroZoom, simply zoom in with the magnifier hidden during recording and it's done. No post-production required.

  8. AeroZoom works better with administrator rights. If UAC is on, it asks for rights to elevate itself automatically. However, AeroZoom does not fully work on Standard User accounts, even if later run as an administrator.

Video Demonstration


Have you found a bug or got a suggestion? Please drop me a line here.

Download AeroZoom (from Microsoft TechNet Gallery)

Release History

Ver Date Update MD5
- Reverse zooming, an implementation for users accustomed to "natural scrolling" on Mac OS X
- Quickly switch between multiple setting profiles Home, School, Work, On-the-Go, Presentation, Gaming
- Help improve AeroZoom! Let us know about your experence by completing our survey under "? > Survey"
- Windows 10 Support
- Enhanced zoom operations on Win 7, 8, 8.1
- Fixed "xx hotkeys have been received in the last xx ms" error with a higher limit of #MaxHotkeysPerInterval
- Fixed '-' character being generated during zoomout for key modifiers with a new set of options in "Tool > Preferences > Workaround:
Prefer NumpadAdd/Sub to +/-". By default NumpadAdd is enabled while NumpadSub is disabled. This combination was found to work
best under Windows 7-10. You may finetune this setting as modifiers still may have their own issues
- Experimental feature: Center Zoom under Tool > Preferences > Experiment: Center Zoom (Windows Magnifier)
- Base AutoHotKey updated to
- New option to restore default settings in tray icon and 'Az\Config File' panel menu
- Supports "Old Windows 7 Calculator for Windows 10" from Winaero if calc1.exe is detected under Windows\System32
- Fixed misbehavior after performing a setting reset. AeroZoom will now quit instead of rerun after a reset
- Shut down/reboot/sleep/lock PC via Panel (Tool > Windows Tools) helping Windows 8 users without a start button
- New default setting: Holding the middle button will trigger nothing by default (instead of Snipping)
- New default setting: Zoom Rate slider is selected on the panel (instead of Snipping)
3.3 20120527
- Fixed the problem of holding middle button action being triggered very easily
- Improved look of elements under basic theme
- Added a restart option to Tray and Az menu
- Double-click panel to switch between ZoomIt/Magnifier panels; middle-double-click to restart
- Improved tips and tricks
- More use of OSD. Various bug fixes
- First unofficial support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview
3.2a 20120509
Fixed menu separator bug and various improvements 539cfe44a1502d5d68760edb866e613d
3.2 20120505
- Many subtle UI/UX improvements (e.g. Menu separator lines)
- Right-clicking panel switches between Modern/Classic modes
- Clicking tray icon or 'off' button on AZ Panel quickly turns off/on AeroZoom temporarily
- Auto config backup support for non-admins
- Fixed a bug of Custom Hotkeys exclusively takin over hotkeys. (Now compatible with the Firefox add-on 'Image Zoom')
- More use of the OSD
- Custom Hotkeys can be dis/enabled in sets
- Latest AutoHotkey_L version
3.1 20120110
AeroSnip, Elastic Zoom, ZoomIt Panel, Custom Hotkeys, support for Win 7 Standard User accounts (Partially for UAC, Vista and XP) 811fd292551db9e6f285b4a6c1f06233
3.0 20110824
Public beta 200ae3b7fef9d52ee8bcfed0d45489af
2.1 20110505
Private release
2.0a 20110405
ZoomIt Enhancements Setup and small improvements
Fixed a bug of original keyboard hotkeys.
2.0 20110403
Big release with a complete redesign. See this doc. 57511c2d459b2a3e13d0f5ffe6789d66
1.7 20100424 Fixed a nasty bug that affect usability and beauty when run with UAC on
Significantly improved performance during resetting and toggling
Fixed keyboard alt texts of 'Help' menu and [hide] button.
1.6 20100419 Added [off] button to pause mouse button mappings. 51a025f7ef39cf5bee645e679feefb2b
1.5 20100417
Added Draw, Type and Calc buttons.  
Private release  

※ If you love AeroZoom, consider donating any amount via PayPal to support future development and encourage the author.

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  1. Good afternoon

    your AeroZoom is very helpful a very useful enlargement for Windows 7 magnifying glass and just also for visually impaired.

    However, the zoom function of the magnifying glass is rather coarse, would be it to be changed possibly the zoom factor, about 5% of steps (e.g., 100, 105, 110, 115 etc.)?

    Yours sincerely

    Klaus Müllner

  2. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will add this feature in the next version.

    1. This feature was added as Zoom Increment/Zoom Speed/Zoom Rate slider.

  3. Very good software. Thank you. I use it a lot. Is it possible to use keyboard and mouse combination while zoom in or zoom out, ex. [WIN KEY] + [WHEEL UP/DOWN], maybe in the new version.

    Because I found it sometimes it not comfortable using left click and wheel up/down.

    Here why..

    Move your mouse and point it to a link or pictures with link (ex. click to view the original size of this picture) or flash video on this page, and then zoom in, it works but when you release the left click, the link is automatically clicked. But in this case I just want to zoom in and not click it. Is it possible?

    By the way, it a good software and I would happy to recommend it to my friends. :)

  4. Thanks for letting me know of your needs, as I am not someone who do presentations. It'd be a great add-on to the software.

    Your encouragement pushes me to happily work harder. This feature will be included in the next version, I promise.

    1. The feature was added:

      "Wheel-zooming as in Apple Mac OS X or Linux. Supported keys and mouse buttons: Ctrl, Alt, Win, Shift, Left, Right, Middle, Forward and Back."

  5. Dear Wandersick,

    I tried the program for an hour but nothing happens. The program opens the icon in to the left tray but when I try to use the hotkeys nothing happens. I can not use the program. I wonder why?

  6. Hi. Thanks for the visit!

    A new version of AeroZoom (2.0) will be out on 15/16-Mar-2011 introducing many new features, new algorithm and hotkeys of different modifiers (that is, there will be more choices than holding the Left/Right mouse button to zoom.)

    For your problem, make sure you're using Windows 7 and the correct exe (That is, don't use the Lefthanded exe if you are righthanded -- the next version will combine those as one exe by the way). Also make sure you hold the [Left] mouse button while 'scrolling' the way demonstrated in the video.

    Also, does pressing [Left] and [Right] mouse buttons together brings up the AeroZoom control panel? If it does, then AeroZoom should function OK -- It should be the mouse (hardware issue) or some other hotkeys/applications interfering with it (software issue). To inspect the latter, you may need to disable some Windows startup items.

  7. Hi!

    I have a question: is there a way to make AeroZoom to save settings in an .ini file or some other way, to make it portable? As it is now, it saves the settings into the registry (HKCU\software\WanderSick\AeroZoom).

    Thank you for creating AeroZoom!

  8. @joby_toss The reason why the settings are not portable is I can't guarantee it would work across computers. (e.g. you can tweak it to operate faster in Advanced Options but then it may only work that PC alone).

    But I will have a think about that.

    Thanks for your comment!

    1. Added an automatic/manual configuration backup and restoration function accessible on AeroZoom panel at "Az > Config File".

  9. Is there a way to disable Snipping Tool? I love aerozoom funcions, but when i hold middle button (best option btw) snipping tool appears... :-/ Thanks for all your work, mr. Wandersick!

  10. Yes. The middle button will support customization in AeroZoom 3, as well as more functions (other than Snipping Tool) and buttons (other than middle button). AeroZoom 3 is scheduled to be released in a month or two.

    You may send me an email ( and I will notify you when a beta version of it is out. Thanks. :)

    1. Correction: This could always be disabled. But there's a slight change in version 3.3 now, where it can be set in "Tool > Custom Hotkeys > Middle"

  11. thank you. Great software!!!

  12. The [Left]+[Right] hotkey conflicts with the MouseZoom reset zoom hotkey, is there a way to change/disable this hotkey? Thanks.

  13. Hi Tim, please send an email to me, I will send you a new version that adds the feature for you to test.

    Also can you give me more info?

    1) How does it conflict? (I cannot reproduce such problem.)
    2) By "MouseZoom reset zoom hotkey", you mean e.g. [Left+Middle]?
    3) And by "the [Left]+[Right] hotkey", you mean pressing e.g. [Left] while scrolling to zoom? Or do you mean pressing [Left]+[Right] to bring up the AeroZoom Panel?

    1. Update: I did not know that MouseZoom was a Firefox Add-on. I will look into the problem.

    2. The feature Custom Hotkey was developed to tackle situations like this.

      FYI. To disable AeroZoom panel mouse hotkeys, we can make use of the Custom Hotkeys feature in "Tool > Custom Hotkey > Settings > Enable Left/Right" where the settings of Left+Right / Right+Left actions can be changed from Show Panel to None. To enable this feature, check "Tool > Custom Hotkeys > Enable Left/Right".

      This feature was available since v3.1

  14. Dear all,

    I'm happy to present AeroZoom 3.0 beta 1 (with AeroSnip). It can now be downloaded at

    Any feedback would be appreciated!


    Auto backup of settings and manual importing are supported now. Please follow this set of instructions:


    To prevent middle button from launching specified tasks such as Snipping Tool, please do either of these:


    To disable the zoom reset hotkey, please do this:

  15. I'm sure someone must have asked this already but....
    I have a logitech m510 and I was wondering if there was a way to program the button so that instead of using the left button and the scroll wheel I can use one of the buttons on the left side and then use the scroll wheel.

  16. You mean you want to use the buttons on the left (i.e. Back or Forward button) as the modifier button for zooming? Yes, you can!

    First, get AeroZoom 3.0 beta from the link in my reply above (version 2 is fine too but 3.0 has related improvements).

    While AeroZoom is running, press Left+Right to bring up the AeroZoom panel. At the lower part of the panel, click F or B (where F is Forward, B is Back.) There you go!

    (See lower left of this pic if you feel puzzled:

    BTW, there is an limitation of using these buttons as the modifier though. As the original action of the buttons (i.e. 'go forward' and 'go back') cannot be avoided while zooming, it may cause havoc under some apps. Therefore, the 'Misclick-preventing Pad' (accessible under 'Tool' menu) is turned on by default to minimize such effect. (Still it cannot be completely avoided unfortunately.)

  17. Hi

    Using AZ with Apple trackpad is very disturbing. Zooming with Ctrl key plus trackpad (scrolling) always gives a warning and saying "71 hotkeys recieved in the last 1669 ms" or something like that. I would appreciate it if you could fix it. Except this annoying feature I like it very much.



    1. Hi Orhan,

      I've confirmed the bug. It affects old versions of AutoHotkey_L (the programming language of AeroZoom) prior to

      For now, please email me at wandersick (at) for a new compile. (An AeroZoom update will arrive some time soon.)

      Thanks for the bug report!

      (This comment was originally posted on 1/02/2012 12:07)

    2. Orhan,

      AeroZoom 3.1 has been released (see link above). Please get it for the fix and new features.

      (This comment was originally posted on 1/10/2012 2:05)

  18. Hi!

    I have an firefox add-on called Image Zoom, it uses [right click] + [mouse scrool] to resize pictures on web. Although AeroZoom doesn't have this shortcut in use it still prevents me to use the add-on. How can I fix this? It's really important for me! Thanks.

    1. Prequel, it seems older version of AeroZoom such as v2.0a does not have this issue.

      I will work it out but it takes some time. In the meantime, you can download and use the old version from softpedia (which still hosts v2.0a up till now)

      (This comment was originally posted on 3/05/2012 9:55)

  19. Also, can you do something for gaming? It's not possible to play full screen games while AeroZoom is on. It's not that much of a trouble to turn it off and on but it'd just be better if this wasn't needed. It can somehow detect games and disable itself during this time. (E.g. "Xfire" is able to detect games, or screensavers are able to detect a fullscreen applications in order to not start themselves (but it should not be all fullscreen applications in this case, since it can work without problems on some of them e.g. while a video player is running.)) Or you can simply put a button for this to the menu so it'll be more convenient to use that instead turning it off and on. But then i guess an alternate menu opening shortcut would be needed since the button will prevent right+left mouse clicks shortcut for the sake of gaming. Thank you for listening. :)

    1. Thanks for the nice ideas! I'm not a gamer myself but I'll give them a go. (It'll be a fun weekend.)

      Perhaps it will detect full screen applications optionally as magnification is needed there sometimes.

      (This comment was originally posted on 3/08/2012 7:34)

  20. Just released AeroZoom 3.2 which contains the fix for Firefox 'Image Zoom' and many small improvements. See here.

  21. thanks for your update.

    how do we disable a shortcut? when i use screen keyboard pressing "i" key without pressing anything else inverts colors (doesn't happen on physical kb for some reason).

    1. While the panel is selected and focused, try pressing the Alt key. That should underline letters that are the shortcut keys. When the panel is not selected and out of focus, these shortcut keys would not work. (I'm thinking if the panel is selected/focused while that happened to you?)

      Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to disable it specifically. (It is a built-in feature for many Windows programs too, for accessibility reasons.) I'm thinking about turning this off altogether, if users like you don't find it useful but confusing.

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. No, when it happens AeroZoom's panel is not even open. It doesn't happen on the physical keyboard or it doesn't happen on any other keys of screen keyboard. It only happens for screen keyboard's "i" key. It also doesn't type the key, just switches between inverted and normal.

  22. Bump. :)

    Also, is there a way to stop Magnifier appear in the taskbar? I frequently use Alt-Tab and it keeps showing its interface on screen and prevents my work. :( I tried living with it but it's very very disturbing.

    1. You're using Windows 7, right? There is a button named "Mag" on the AeroZoom panel which shows/hides the Magnifier in the taskbar. (Its hotkey alternative would be Win+Shift+`)

      You may also go to "Tool > Preferences > Advanced Options" to make hiding Magnifier as the default option following the below steps:

      1. At the "Magnifier*" drop-down menu, choose "Hide".
      2. Check "Run Magnifier on AZ start"
      3. Press OK.

      (This should be the default settings for Win 7 actually.)

      Unfortunately the "Hide" option will not be provided in the upcoming release for Windows 8 due to technical limitations.

  23. Thanks for your answer.

    Unfortunately I'm using Windows 8. A shortcut may be useful (how do we press ` ? or change the key btw?) but it's not very easier than just pressing transparent magnifier icon on corner of screen then the minimize. (Which, shame to say, keyboard is not always under my fingers :p) A complete hiding would be great. And second option, there's this N/A instead Hide, i guess you already expected that when you read the first sentence. Guess that's about Windows 8. Any chance you can make this great tool without using Magnifier? Or is there any working program that can hide Magnifier completely? I tried a couple of tools to "hide running programs" but the moment i used zooming via mouse shortcut, it appeared again.

    1. For now, you may live with it (sorry) or try enabling another option:

      "Tool > Wheel with ZoomIt (Live)"

      What's that? Well, AeroZoom uses Windows Magnifier by default, but it also supports an alternative called Sysinternals ZoomIt (which is a great presentation tool by Mark Russinovich), but it does not offer wheel zoom, elastic zoom, panel and some other features. That's why AeroZoom stepped in. AeroZoom enhances ZoomIt with the above features since version 3.0.

      If you find it great and decide to use ZoomIt from now on, you may prefer not to load Windows Magnifier as soon as AeroZoom is started:

      1. Go to "Tool > Preferences > Advanced Options"
      2. Uncheck "Run Magnifier on AZ start".

      So, the Mag button only hides Magnifier for Windows 7. For Windows 8, it only minimizes it. (By the way, ` is the button under the esc key, next to 1 2 3 4 5...)

      I will check again if it is possible to hide Magnifier in Windows 8 after its retail release (RTM) becomes public.

  24. Thanks.

    There's also another problem, when AeroZoom is on while in Metro you can't return to desktop or open non-metro program by any way. Only thing that works is alt-tabbing.

    1. Thanks for reporting.

      It seems the current version of Sysinternals ZoomIt is not yet compatible with Windows 8 Metro UI. We'll have to wait until it is fixed by the author. (Windows Magnifier is OK though on Metro.)

      There is trade-off for being an adventurist of using pre-release products ;)

    2. I don't think i'm using ZoomIt with AeroZoom (e.g. when i try to use "wheel with zoomit" it asks me to find the exe file that should mean it's not installed?) but if what you mean is AeroZoom has already some sort of part of ZoomIt and that causes it that's another deal.

    3. Hi. The former sentence (using the option "Wheel with ZoomIt") is what I meant. The Latter (AeroZoom has some part of ZoomIt) is not true. AeroZoom cannot bundle/incorporate other copyrighted code/software.

      AeroZoom with its default configuration doesn't seem to cause problems on Metro UI (I'm testing it on Windows 8 Release Preview), except when you have ZoomIt or other yet-incompatible or some certain legacy applications running.

      I suggest taking a look at Task Manager and see whether zoomit.exe or other suspects are running. If they are, close them and see if the problem goes away then.

      Another way to determine is to run msconfig (via Start Search). At Selective Startup, uncheck "Load startup items". Click OK and restart the PC. If AeroZoom works OK on Metro now, then one of the processes that run at startup could be causing the problem.

    4. I don't see zoomit on Task Manager. And I tried unchecking "load startup items" but it still happened. Then I noticed besides 3.3 I had AeroZoom 3.1 on another directory, so i removed it along with two zoomit exes in there. So far it seems fixed, I tried lots of combinations and retries in Metro -zoomed or unzoomed- no problems. If it really:) fixed this is great. Thanks for the help. (Update: One unresponsiveness after i wrote this, yet flawless after)

      About gaming we talked about earlier, is it possible in future to use AeroZoom in fullscreen games for zooming? Some games, like RPGs, Simulations, include lots of texts and it's quite challenging to read them from 3 meters away even if the screen is 52". :) AeroZoom works okay under windowed mode but windowed mode seems too much trouble for 3D games.

    5. Glad you've solved it, and thanks for the suggestions! I also prefer full-screen gaming. I will take a look at the possible ways to achieve it, although it doesn't sound easy to me at all.

      And if you have a chance, please leave a review on

      AeroZoom has just arrived there. It would be great if it can be driven by users like you!

    6. Great concept- equally awful execution. I'm sorry, but this is a belly flop. Interface is convoluted, more hassle than it's worth, and it's really slooow [on my 64bit W7 i5-3570 system]

  25. Is there any way to activate zoom in and out with middle button?

    thanks in advance

    1. Hi. There are two types of zooming that can be achieved with the middle button.

      1. Ordinary zoom in and out

      Click 'Middle' radio button on the panel (bottom right), then hold middle button and wheel up/down to zoom in/out.

      2. Elastic Zoom - hold button to zoom in, release it to zoom out.)

      The default hotkey for Elastic Zoom is [Ctrl+Caps Lock]. To map it to the middle button, go to "Tool > Custom Hotkeys > Settings > Holding Middle", choose "Elastic Zoom" at "Pick an action".

      Be sure "Enable Holding Middle" is checked at "Tool > Custom Hotkeys"

  26. When zoomed in, is there a way to move the screen with mouse but not going to sides, instead mouse movements are moving the screen but not actually moving the mouse's central position? Basically, I want the screen to move in the focus of mouse. If there's not, can you add this feature? Sometimes it's quite tiring to move the screen by going to sides. You can do this with either a kb shortcut pressed, or a simply on/off feature, or both. I prefer both, sometimes you may want to use it continously, sometimes not. Only one of the two options may hurt this usability.

    1. Hi. The feature is already there, but the zoom is 'still' (not live).

      1. First bring up AeroZoom panel
      2. Click a small button named 'zoom' at the bottom to switch to ZoomIt panel
      -- It might asks to download the program first if you don't have it yet. Proceed with the download.
      3. To zoom in, click 'Zoom (Still)' on the panel or press Ctrl+1.
      4. To exit, right click or press [ESC].

      If you wish to replace Windows Magnifier zoom with ZoomIt still zoom, enable 'Tool > Wheel with Zoomit (Still)'.

      For help in using ZoomIt, go to '? > Quick Instructions > ZoomIt' or press 'Help' in ZoomIt panel.

      To your disappointment, implementing such feature for Windows Magnifier is not possible since there is no native support in Windows Magnifier for that type of zoom.

      Hope that helps.

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Hi. My problem I reported before about AeroZoom causing Metro not work still persists and I'm 100% sure now that AeroZoom causes it. And it DEFINETELY isn't about me or anything else. There is also another case where AeroZoom causes a similar issue. There is a program called "Clover", it's gains Windows Explorer tabbed browsing ability. When zoomed, AeroZoom simply makes all tabs vanish, tabs are still there but you can't see them unless you use keyboard shortcut to change tabs. There may be even more programs that I'm not awere of that AeroZoom causes similar issues. I think AeroZoom needs a Windows 8 compatibility or something. Will you please take care of this? Thanks.

    1. Hi Prequel,

      Thanks for reporting it to me. Although AeroZoom has limited support on Windows 8/8.1, I hope to look into your problem. Please drop an email to me at, I will send you a log-collecting script to acquire some system environment information of yours so that I can reproduce the error.

      Thank you.


    2. You may also try an older version of AeroZoom to see if the problem perists. Please let me know the results. Thanks! Download it (version 2.0a) here:

    3. Is there a way to always zoom into the middle of the screen (rather than following the mouse/keyboard)? Or is that a limitation of windows magnifier.

    4. You are right. It is a limitation of Windows Magnifier which only supports following by mouse pointer / keyboard focus / text insertion point. (at least one of these modes has to be enabled)

      As an experimental workaround, it seems I can write a snippet of code which places the mouse cursor in the middle before zoom. I could start working on it but does it (interfering with the cursor) sound acceptable to you?

  29. That might work under the right conditions. What I'm trying to do is use the program for extended zoom in a game; since I'll constantly be moving the mouse, It might be better if the centering function was an on/off command with a refresh rate (maybe 100ms). This would allow movement while still keeping the focus in the middle of the screen.

    1. The next version of AeroZoom will (hopefully) come with the feature. Please leave me an email (wandersick at if you are interested in receiving an early beta.

  30. Hi Wandersick,

    I found this tool a year or so ago and it works mostly very well. I'm used to the zoom on Mac so I was looking to reproduce this on Windows and your tool is the closed I've found, as was about to write one myself then I found yours.

    I was on XP where I had no issue. I moved to Windows 7 then I started to have a few problems. I'd constantly get the N hotkeys received in Nms message.

    I've moved to Windows 10 and now I have a major problem. Every few minutes the zoom out stops working. Zoom in still works though. Same issue with Modifier+WDown and well as win -

    Some other times zoom out instead puts minus signs ----- into a text field.

    Overall though excellent work. I'll send you over an email with details and a donation.

    1. Hi,

      I appreciate your support and donation. I just found out you donated a year ago too. You are one of the few who had donated. Thank you very much. (I have emailed you a product key file to register AeroZoom and remove the "Donate $1" message under "?" menu.)

      I acknowledge most of the issues you've reported for AeroZoom 3.3 (not yet optimized for Windows 10). As a confirmation, would you let me know if the symptoms I have reproduced below are the same as yours?

      Issue 1. "I'd constantly get the N hotkeys received in Nms message." (Affected OS: Windows 7/10)

      Please take a look at the screenshot here:

      Is this the same message box you've received? If it is, I will look into how to fix it.

      Issue 2. "Every few minutes the zoom out stops working. Zoom in still works though. Same issue with Modifier+WDown and well as win - " (Affected OS: Windows 10)

      Unfortunately, I have yet to reproduce this problem on Windows 10. Zoom in and out works at all times (despite with the #3 issue).

      For your last sentence "Same issue with Modifier+WDown and well as win - ", however, if "Win -" does not work for you, I am afraid the issue is tied to Windows (Magnifier) instead of AeroZoom, because "Win -" is a default Windows hotkey.

      Would you please check if the "Win -" issue is gone immediately after exiting AeroZoom? Does the issue exist no matter having AeroZoom running or not?

      Issue 3. "Some other times zoom out instead puts minus signs ----- into a text field." (Affected OS: Windows 10)

      I could only reproduce this issue only in Outlook, but not any other applications. Do you have this problem only in Outlook too? If not, would you let me know the names of the affected applications?

      FYI, the "Misclick-Preventing Pad" component (under "Tool" menu) should be able to tackle the problem. Currently it is only enabled for Left/Right/Middle/F/B modifiers but not the Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Win modifiers that you use. I am thinking about enabling it for those modifiers as well in Windows 10 to tackle such problems in the affected (or all) applications.

      For now, you may consider using the Elastic Zoom (Ctrl+Caps Lock) as it works fully under Windows 10. Some modifiers may have fewer problems in your applicaitons than others, you may consider trying them too.

      I hope to solve this for you, but it may take some time as I am busy these days. Feel free to ask me to refund your latest donation if you don't feel satisfied.

      Have a nice day.

    2. Hi,

      It is my pleasure to inform you of the second beta of AeroZoom 4.0 which contains various new features.

      You may get AeroZoom 4.0 beta 2 at

      Enjoy and please let me know if there is any comment!

      Below is a list of the new features since v4.0 for your reference:

      # 2015/10/28 - 4.0 beta 2

      - Reverse zooming, an implementation for users accustomed to "natural scrolling" on Mac OS X
      - Quickly switch between multiple setting profiles Home, School, Work, On-the-Go, Presentation, Gaming.
      - Help improve AeroZoom! Let us know about your experence by completing our survey under "? > Survey".
      - New donation options using Bitcoin as well as PayPal

      # 2015/09/24 - 4.0 beta 1

      - Windows 10 Support.
      - Enhanced zoom operations on Win 7, 8, 8.1
      - Fixed "xx hotkeys have been received in the last xx ms" error with a higher limit of #MaxHotkeysPerInterval
      - Fixed '-' character being generated during zoomout for key modifiers with a new set of options in "Tool > Preferences > Workaround:
      Prefer NumpadAdd/Sub to +/-". By default NumpadAdd is enabled while NumpadSub is disabled. This combination was found to work
      best under Windows 7-10. You may finetune this setting as modifiers still may have their own issues.
      - Experimental feature: Center Zoom under Tool > Preferences > Experiment: Center Zoom (Windows Magnifier)
      - Base AutoHotKey updated to
      - New option to restore default settings in tray icon and 'Az\Config File' panel menu.
      - Supports "Old Windows 7 Calculator for Windows 10" from Winaero if calc1.exe is detected under Windows\System32.
      - Fixed misbehavior after performing a setting reset. AeroZoom will now quit instead of rerun after a reset.
      - Shut down/reboot/sleep/lock PC via Panel (Tool > Windows Tools) helping Windows 8 users without a start button.
      - New default setting: Holding the middle button will trigger nothing by default (instead of Snipping)
      - New default setting: Zoom Rate slider is selected on the panel (instead of Snipping)

  31. Hi, I'm used to OSX zoom which is easy and convenient so I was interested in trying Aerozoom on my Windows laptop. It works partly, but whatever hotkey I chose, I keep getting conflicts with the original function of that key. F.e. when I'm using the Windows key, it seems to alernate between Aerozoom and the Windows menu. WHen I use CTRL, it alternates between zooming and changing text size on screen. I'm using Win10 Pro.

  32. Hi Kris,

    It should not alternate like that for most people. Let's work it out together.

    First, please ensure you are using the latest AeroZoom (4.0 beta 2 currently).

    Could you please choose other modifier buttons such as Alt key (the safest ones for many people –IMO, you have to give this a try), and Left/Right/Middle button which avoids keyboard for zooming (for middle mouse button, keep pressing it down while scrolling).

    Also, it could be your keyboard or software installed that is interfering. Please ensure you exit other programs during troubleshooting (including tray icons on the bottom right).

    Feel free to experiment with options such as the rest of modifier buttons. In case it cannot be solved, please try other non-OS-X zooming styles Elastic Zoom (Ctrl+Caps Lock) and see if you like them too. You may also switch from Windows Magnifier to ZoomIt ("Tool > Wheel with ZoomIt").

    Finally, (this is optional if it is too much hassle for you) Windows 10 keeps getting feature updates from time to time. I am not sure if that will break AeroZoom someday (or it already did). It might be helpful if you could report the Windows 10 build number by enter "winver" in the address bar of Windows Explorer to confirm your exact version.

    Hope you will have good experience soon.

    1. Hi, thanks for the quick reply and support.
      I checked the version and I'm running 4.0 beta 2.
      I changed to Alt and restarted Aerozoom. Now it doesn't change the font size in my browser (because I'm not pressing CTRL anymore), but now it's alternating between zoom and the original scroll wheel function which is.. scrolling the page. So I'm zooming/scrolling/zooming/scrolling.
      In other words, still alternating between Aerozoom function and original function.
      I'm using a HP X4000b Bluetooth-mouse but I just tested with the notebook's touchpad and I have the same result : alternating between scroll and aerozoom.
      I have the very latest Windows 10 Pro with Creators Update installed.

      I'll try with ZoomIT instead of Magnifier, maybe this will help. Windows 10 is pretty impressive, one of the only things I still miss from OSX is the zoom, so I hope we can make it work :).

      Thanks for the help!

    2. I just tried with ZoomIT and although I saw the buttons change in the aerozoom panel, and also a ZoomIT notification on-screen, I noticed that Magnifier was still being opened, even after restarting Aerozoom. In other words: still alternating function.

      Also, how do I close the lens when I don't need zoom anymore? Do I need to go to the taskbar and close the Magnifier?

    3. Hi Kris,

      Thanks for your attempts in troubleshooting the issue.

      > I have the very latest Windows 10 Pro with Creators Update installed.

      I assume using ZoomIt still not have solved your "alternating" issue.

      Unfortunately, right now I am using Windows Server 2016 (which has the same internals as an earlier update of Windows 10) as my main desktop. I will install the Windows 10 with Creators Update this weekend and see if I will hit the same problem. By then I will be able to tell if it is the Creators Update or your machine. Please keep subscribed to this comments thread for my update or come back early next week.

      (AeroZoom was tested with 1511 and 1607, but not the Creators Update yet. There is a challenge in supporting Windows 10 continually as Microsoft has changed the feature update model for its OS)

      > Also, how do I close the lens when I don't need zoom anymore?
      > Do I need to go to the taskbar and close the Magnifier?

      By closing the lens, I suppose you mean the transparent magnifier icon floating on top of the screen. This belongs to Windows Magnifier.

      Actually AeroZoom is an enhancing tool for Windows Magnifier (magnify.exe) and Microsoft Sysinternals ZoomIt (zoomit.exe)

      By default AeroZoom uses Windows Magnifier. To properly use Zoomit as the default magnifier for AeroZoom, ensure the following settings are checked:
      - Tool > Use ZoomIt as Magnifier
      - Tool > Wheel with ZoomIt (Live)
      - (Optional) Press the small "zoom" button on AeroZoom Panel for additional ZoomIt features

      Once you have zoomed in with the hotkey (e.g. Alt+Wheelup), ZoomIt kicks in and the "lens" (Windows Magnifier) icon should be gone from the screen.

      A lot of features of AeroZoom depends on the Windows Magnifier. Therefore, AeroZoom launches Windows Magnifier as it runs. This "preloading" sort of makes the experience better as there is no need to wait for Magnifier to load when the zoom hotkey is pressed or its related features are used.

      In earlier Windows (Windows 7), the Magnifier lens could be hidden, but it is no longer possible due to OS limitation since Windows 8, so the best we can do now is to minimize it and that is the default setting already -- running Magnifier minimized in the taskbar.

      If you want the lens icon to disappear (and minimize), there are a number of ways:
      - Press Win+Shift+` hotkey (to show or hide magnifier lens) -- this is the most convenient method IMO.
      - Bring up the AeroZoom panel (e.g. by pressing Left+Right) and press the "Mag" button on the AeroZoom Panel
      - Minimize the lens (Windows Magnifier) directly

      > Windows 10 is pretty impressive

      Agreed and I hope to make it work for you with this OS.

    4. Kris, upon testing the latest Creators Update of Windows 10, I did not experience the same issue as you did. I believe your alternation issue might be related to applications installed or bundled with your computer. (For example, AeroZoom might not be compatible with applications which uses hotkeys it uses -- press Win+Alt+Q for a list of AeroZoom hotkeys)

      Please troubleshoot it by disabling applications and services which run on startup. For how to do it, you may search for "How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows" on Google.

      Hope that helps. I am sorry for the delayed response.

  33. How to Turn Off Windows 10 Auto Update permanently
    Open Settings.> Click on Update & security.>Click on Windows Update.> Click the Download button.> Click the Restart button to complete the task.